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Opinion on Dr. Joseph Schafer's testimony 
14th-Oct-2006 03:12 pm
As I talked about it in this post, Dr. Joseph Schafer makes some ridiculous claims about topical Bible study. He says the following in his testimony:

“The vast majority of preachers today use topical Bible study, bringing together passages from here and there to make a point. This method is popular, but it suffers from a severe drawback: the one preparing the message already has a preconceived idea of what the main point must be, so he rarely learns much beyond what he already knows. This method does not challenge one to deeply examine his own personal and cultural prejudices to see if they agree with the revealed truth in God’s word.”
16th-Oct-2006 03:05 pm (UTC) - who are the vast majority of preachers?
Dr. Schafer never mentions who he is including in the 'vast majority of preachers. Does Dr. Schafer even know any preachers? Is he at all familiar with any preachers? (I am not referring to ubf manuscript copiers as preachers)

Take for example a well known preacher like Charles Stanley. He is avaialable on radio and TV all over this country. He can peach the Word without any manuscript, with authority. Can EE Chang Woo or any ubfin campare to Charles Stanley? No way.

The following list may have people with whom we may not nec. agree with all their teachings, but should they not be included in Schafers list of 'vast majority of preachers'?

How about Billy Graham? Has he failed 'to challenge hs audience to deeply examine their personal cultural prejudices to see if they agree with the revealed truth of God?' How about Erwin Lutzer of Moody Church, Max Lucado (who has sold some 35 million copies of very good books), or John Hagee, Stuart Briscoe, Dale Rogers (head of 3 million members of S. Baptist Convention), John MacArthur? Ther should be many more here, but this is just a partial list to consider.

It seems better to trust the vast majority of preachers than the marginalized fringe group ubf. I think Dr. Schafer has no idea what he is talking about. Dr. Schafer, stick with statistics.

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