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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
An American devoted to Kim Jong Ill 
19th-Oct-2006 10:01 am
The New York Times has a very interesting article about an American defector to N. Korea. A quote from the article: Mr. Dresnok says he is a true believer in the North Korean system. “I wouldn’t trade it for nuthin’,” he states emphatically. Please read it to the end. It kind of gives some idea about why American shepherds gave their pledge of allegiance to Dr. Samuel Lee and UBF system. Although Dr. Joseph Schafer might have background different from that Mr. Dresnok, according to his testimony, his loyalty to Dr. Sameuel Lee and UF system sounds a lot like Mr. Dresnok.
19th-Oct-2006 05:12 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the link, human12. The similarities with UBF are indeed striking.

As far as I understand, the two main reasons for such people to stay loyal to an unhealthy and abusive organizaiton are:

Quote: Mr. Dresnok "is a celebrity in North Korea."

So are the UBF loyalists. In the latest UBF message, even Ben Toh, a completly corrupt and evil man, is praised as a "celebrity." Yvonne Timlin and Sarah Barry are other members who "wouldn't trade UBF for nuthin'" - because they are celebrities in UBF.

Quote: "Why? Why do they let their own people starve to death to feed an American?" he asks as he tears up. "The Great Leader has given us a special solicitude. The government is going to take care of me until my dying day."

This is the "thankfulness trap." They believe they have to be eternally thankful to the organization and its leader because he gave them "special care." That "special care" can be abuse (some weird training) or even support and money - but even then - the leader does not own that money! He is not to be thanked for giving away money that he does not possess in the first place.

Mr. Dresnok has closed eyes concerning the injustice and misery brought over the North Koreans by the regime. He has closed eyes about the lying propaganda. He does not want to see all of this because he is doing well under the regime. As long as everything is ok for *him*, nothing has to be criticized in his eyes.

Mr. Desnok is a despicable idiot as many of the UBF "celebrities".
21st-Oct-2006 03:13 am (UTC)
In contrast to Dr. Dresnok's devotion to N. Korea system, a lot of N. Korean people want to leave N. Korea to go to America.


There are some signs in UBF also that many UBF devotees are waking up from the UBF ideology created by Dr. Sameuel Lee.
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