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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community

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This is the RSQUBF LiveJournal community for recovering (or recovered) FORMER members of UBF only. This has been set up as a group weblog in which only members of the community can create new weblog entries and leave comments.

Click HERE to post a new entry, but see the note below.

Click HERE to see the most recent comments (must login first).

To be able to post new weblog entries or comments you'll need to

  1. Create a livejournal.com account at http://www.livejournal.com/create.bml and
  2. Request to join the community at http://www.livejournal.com/community/join.bml?comm=rsqubf.
  3. Email rsqubf@livejournal.com to verify that you really are a former member of UBF.

NOTE: If you wish to remain anonymous you do not have to use your real name or make personal information publically available when you create an account. But you will have to email rsqubf@livejournal.com to verify that you really are a former member of UBF.

Certain content on this group weblog may be available only after you login, so do try to login first.

As this is the RSQUBF discussion area, the intended primary purpose here is to help recovering former members of UBF to connect, share experiences (not necessarily just UBF experiences) and contribute to healing. We ask that you refrain from using profanity.

If you are currently in UBF or have a loved one in UBF and need to talk to someone about your genuine concerns about UBF or about leaving UBF, you should consider getting in touch with the individuals listed as contacts on the RSQUBF support page.

Otherwise, if you are currently in UBF you have come to the wrong place. See the old RSQUBF forum at http://voy.com/60734/ and the archived discussions and FAQs at http://rsqubf.info/discussion.html. Anything you want to discuss has probably already been discussed. And there's always email.

This community is still somewhat under construction, and most of us are new to livejournal, so please be patient while we try to iron out the wrinkles over time.

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